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Why have Performance Management in place?

When it comes to Performance Management the process is applied differently in all organisations, where the components of Performance Management are split into different departments to hold the accountability, each working independently.

This is the mistake made by most organisations. An effective Performance Management process should be integrated and work together as one process. It requires the commitment and dedication not only by HR but by all the executive teams and employees.

The question asked by many, why is Performance Management so important and why so much effort in making it work. To answer this, let us look at the recent impact COVID-19 had on organisations.

With the increase of the Covid cases, the government had put the nation under lockdown, where people had to stay indoors, work from home, turn to technology for operating effectively, lose staff, and much more, leaving organisations in the mayhem.

How is this related to Performance Management?

Firstly, Not setting goals and having clear execution plans. They worked on a day to day basis without having clear measurable targets and deadlines. Employees were left flustered, as they were unclear of what, who, and when things must be done. For employees to be effective and for results to be achieved there needs to be a clear alignment between the organisation's Goal, Strategies, and Departmental Plans which further cascades into the manager, team, and individual plans.

Secondly, Not knowing who is accountable for which outputs. Working in teams is effective for organisations, however, there must be a distinction between who is accountable and who is responsible for the deliverables. Every employee needs a clear understanding of expectations for their work and understands their role in the completion of the deliverables, without these employees will be left in doing as they please and start a blame culture by blaming one another for the poor delivery of work. Against this, employees must have their plans that are linked to the Organisations results, which includes an understanding of where they fit into the company and how they contribute to the overall success of the organization which should clearly show the link to their job role and competencies.

Thirdly, without having a clear plan for execution and employees not knowing what must be done this left managers in a state of frustration and panic as they could not track their employee's progress working from home nor understand the progress and performance of the organisation.

Fourthly, without a clear plan or employee progress how would they assess their employee’s performance and identify the organisational progress made. Resulting in organisation chaos, lack of employee motivation, loss of staff, negative perceptions, and financial decline.

Fifthly, Not having a technological application. Even if goals and plans had been set, but Performance Monitoring and Assessments are done manually – these had to be postponed due to the situation of virtual working and not having access to paperwork. Performance Management has taken a front seat, evolving and becoming the overall importance for business success, hence having technology applications is now becoming the new norm to ensure synchronisation with a seamless and standardised application with access to data online.

In any organisation, no matter the size, it is important to understand what your employees are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it. Having a Performance Management electronic system in place would help advance many organisations in their processes, whether working virtually or at the workplace.

Looking for an all-in-one automated Performance Management system to plan, contract, monitor, and evaluate then we suggest you use Vision Activ’s ePMS system, which is based on Performance Management Best Practice.

Successful performance management is about creating a cultural shift in how people work. With the current situations our country faces and the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19, it is imperative that we get all our systems, tools, and processes ready ahead of time.

No matter your starting point or current state, we can help you achieve greater performance on the individual, team, and organisational levels.

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