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An All-in-One Hub for
Risk Identification, Monitoring & Reporting

Vision Activ Risk Management System streamlines your business process by identifying & controlling financial, strategic, and security risks to accelerate your organisation's growth and empower data-driven decision-making.

Vision Activ Risk Management System

Business Transformation Experts

Vision Activ enhances your organisation’s 
performance by providing access to top-of-the-line cloud-based smart business tools and services. 

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Risk Management System

Key Features of
eRisk Management System

Effective Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Vision Activ enables a data-driven approach to risk assessment for better evaluation, response, treatment, and reporting that can help with both quantitative and qualitative progress.

Real-time Monitoring & Analytics

Monitoring & Analytics

A centralised dashboard enables simple tracking of total risks assigned, resolved, and unresolved. It helps to get a complete picture of risks, their possible effect, risk mitigation solutions, and more.

 Proper Planning & Early Awareness

Proper Planning & Early Awareness

Now convey information in the form of highly engaging and informative videos, photos, text messages with Vision Activ eComms.

Flexible & Customized Reporting

Flexible & Customised Reporting

Vision Activ enables you to see your security statistics, risk matrix details, and trending issues in customised reports and line graphs that can be converted into spreadsheets and presentations.

Threat Detection


Create and automate incident management practices to reduce the negative impact on your business. Any incidents should be monitored, reported, and resolved!

 Push Notifications


Don't miss any updates with live push notifications across your devices to keep you informed of important updates.

Risk Management System

The Power of Vision Activ Risk Management System

Vision Activ Risk Management software enables businesses to organise and automates risk management processes such as risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, risk treatment, risk monitoring, and risk reporting, resulting in increased business efficiency and productivity.



Vision Activ develops effective plans by defining each risk in terms of its commercial impact. So, you know which risks to address and when and how to add value to the business.

Vision Activ process plan
Vision Activ process analyse


We combine risk data to reveal hidden intelligence and future threats. Proper data risk analysis prepares your business for potential hazards and keeps you one step ahead.



Coordination of the appropriate teams at the appropriate moments will allow you to respond with accuracy. Vision Activ will help you address and remove the risk the moment it occurs!

Vision Activ process address
Risk Management System

Go from Risk Data to Increased Business Value with Vision Activ – Get Your Solutions Now!

With Vision Active eRMS, you can identify project risks, assign risk owners, develop mitigation strategies, analyse errors with a risk matrix, and use growth-driven solutions to minimise any potential threat.

Risk Assessment & Documentation

Risk Assessment & Documentation

Identify and document all risks and business hazards (risk inventory) to better prepare for unanticipated situations and have a full up-to-date picture of risks throughout your business.

Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Create your Risk Mitigation Plan to keep everyone informed, assign risk owners, and collaborate on a mitigation approach in real-time.

Better Collaboration


Transition to a collaborative, connected environment that allows for a centralised risk register and bridges communication gaps.

Risk Evaluation Using Graphs & Matrices

Risk Evaluation
Using Graphs & Matrices

Create risk matrices with any grid arrangement, set specific risk drivers, and view your progress with a matrix or progress graph.

Customisable Fields Options

Fields Options

Add additional risk module fields like dropdowns, checklists, and matrices with customisable rows and columns.

 Improved Decision Making

Decision Making

Use up-to-date, transparent, traceable, and systematic information visualisations to make quicker and better decisions.

All our software solutions are created after an in-depth study of managerial workflows and by giving meticulous attention to the minutest problem confronted by today’s progressive organisations. Moreover, all our software solutions are immensely robust, easy-to-use, and can be easily integrated into any organisation’s workstream without giving any special training to the employees.

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Vision Activ Performance Management System

Performance Management System

With Vision Activ's ePMS, you can Plan, Assess, and Upgrade the performance of your people, a specific department, or a process-in-action to align it with your business goals.

Vision Activ eCOMM

communication Management System

Vision Activ provides a Corporate Communication System that closes communication gaps in a company from three perspectives: Organisational, Leadership & Employee.

Vision Activ Resolution Management System

Resolution Management System

Vision Activ's Resolution Management System helps you catalyse the decision-making process by effectively preparing, running, and monitoring your business performance.

Vision Activ Project Management System

Project Management System

Vision Activ Project Management System customises your projects to track your progress, report any errors and show final results in order to eliminate any risk of failure.


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