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Bridging the Communication Gap to
Boost Business Productivity & Engagement

Vision Activ eCOMM introduces business communication management software which closes gaps in an organisation's interaction channels from three perspectives: Organisational, Leadership & Employee.

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Deliver Information through Engaging
Photos, Videos & Text

User friendly eCOMM system

User friendly eComm system

Multi Device Operability

Multi Device Operability

Create & publish content in one place

Create & publish content in one place

Schedule important dates & affix reminders

Schedule important dates & affix reminders

Lessen misunderstandings

Lessen misunderstandings & break trust issues

Deliver personalised information to every employee

Deliver personalised information to every employee

Deliver Information through Photos, Videos & Text

Strong Communication Management Software

Vision Activ eCOMM introduces business communication management software that closes gaps in an organisation’s interaction channels from an Organisational, Leadership, and Employee Perspective.

Internal Communications

Do you know? Lack of communication ranks among the top three issues contributing to low employee morale and bad performance culture. Vision Activ's business communication software establishes safe and reliable real-time interactions between employees, managers, and authorised partners.

Improving internal communication
Communication Management System

Giving a Voice to Every Individual in a Company with an Effective Communication Management System

Structuring Project Communication

Project Communication Management

No more missed deadlines! Every project has its own deadlines and milestones. Vision Activ's eComm is an Organisational Communication Management System that serves as a platform where each contributor can post content relative to their work. Aside from that, it enables everyone to interact and discuss project-related tasks.

both Upward & Downward Communication

A progressive organisation is one in which the voices of all employees, both higher and lower levels, are heard. Vision Activ eComm’s incredibly strong communication management software not only transmits organisational leaders' messages to lower-level employees but also ensures that lower-level employees' opinions are recognised by senior management.

Developing upward and downward communication

Organisational Perspective

Every organisation has a vision and mission that are set by the CEO and senior management. These people serve as the heads of the organisation and are ultimately accountable for establishing the organisational culture. Vision Activ’s communication management software takes into account the challenges faced by the organisational leaders and offers them viable solutions in regards to:

  • Employees Performance Management & Engagement

  • Understanding of Organisational Priorities, Goals & Objectives

  • Appreciation of Organisational Performance

  • Sharing of Organisational Achievements

  • Awareness of Stakeholder Issues

  • Engagement in general Cultural and Institutional Events

Organisational Perspective
Communication Management System

Communication Management Software
that solves problems from different perspectives

Looking at an issue from a single perspective may not produce the best results. Moreover, it can lead to more misunderstandings, a breakdown in trust, and increasing anger & hostility. Vision Activ eComm’s outstanding communication management software eliminates any kind of misunderstandings by approaching problems from three different perspectives:

Leadership Perspective

Leadership Perspective

Every department needs a leader who can monitor, appraise, track, and simplify internal procedures. Furthermore, he is in charge of regulating inter-departmental workflows and ensuring that all departmental processes remain aligned with business goals. As the departmental leader works as a link between the employees and the company, his “perspective matters”. Vision Activ eComm assists leaders in the following ways:

  • Departmental Strategies, Plans, and Priorities

  • Departmental Staff Movements

  • Departmental Performance, Risk, and Opportunities

  • General Departmental News & Highlights

Employee Perspective

Employees are the heart and soul of every organisation; hence, it is immensely important that their voices are heard. Vision Activ eComm is a communication management software that not only allows them to speak up but also keeps them updated about what is important to them. Some of the key areas Vision Activ informs employees are:

  • Organisational Goals & Objectives

  • Risks and Challenges

  • Performance Results and Achievement

Employee Perspective
Communication Management System

Strong Communication Management Software
for Building Organisations

User friendly system

User-Friendly System

Vision Activ's communication management software won’t be a burden for you. It possesses user-friendly systems to simplify organisation, approval, and publication processes.

Calendar Scheduling

Calendar Scheduling & Reminders

Don't miss out on any deadline as Vision Activ's Communication Management System brings forth a highly innovative calendar scheduling and reminders feature.

Targeted Communication

Targeted Communication

Connect with anyone, anywhere! Vision Activ eComms can connect you to everybody including teams, departments, workers, and stakeholders, every time, and everywhere you want.

Multi media types

Multi-media Types

With Vision Activ eComms, you can now communicate information in the form of highly engaging and informative videos, images, and text messages.

Breaking News & Push Notifications

Breaking News & Push Notifications

With Vision Activ's eComms breaking news and push notification feature, you can now ensure that every piece of information reaches every person who needs it.

Regular Updates

Regular Updates

Don't miss any updates with live push notifications across your devices to keep you informed of important details.

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All our software solutions are created after an in-depth study of managerial workflows and by giving meticulous attention to the minutest problem confronted by today’s progressive organisations. Moreover, all our software solutions are immensely robust, easy-to-use, and can be easily integrated into any organisation’s workstream without giving any special training to the employees.

Vision Activ Performance Management System

Performance Management System

With Vision Activ's ePMS, you can Plan, Assess, and Upgrade the performance of your people, a specific department, or a process-in-action to align it with your business goals.

Vision Activ Resolution Management System

Resolution Management System

Vision Activ's Resolution Management System helps you catalyse the decision-making process by effectively preparing, running, and monitoring your business performance.

Vision Activ Project Management System

Project Management System

Vision Activ Project Management System customises your projects to track your progress, report any errors and show final results in order to eliminate any risk of failure.

Vision Activ Risk Management System

Risk Management System

With Vision Activ Risk Management System, you can easily identify any errors and control financial, strategic, or security risks to your business performance and earnings.


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