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Eliminate Organisational Performance Challenges with our
Software Business Solutions

Vision Activ is one of the leading performance management consulting firms, offering software solutions for a wide range of organisational issues.

Vision Activ Products


Vision Activ enhances your organisation’s 
performance by providing access to top-of-the-line cloud-based smart business tools and services. 

Our Software Business Solutions

Our Spectrum of Smart Software Business Solutions

Every company has unique problems. Vision Activ is a business management consulting firm that not only detects problems but also implements effective solutions to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Our firm offers cloud-based software solutions that are capable to combat the gaps in the organisation's performance system through Planning, Reporting, Monitoring, and Evaluation processes.

Strategy Planning

Capture strategic plans using the balanced scorecard, logic model or OKRs methodology.

Project Management

Project management templates to help you create big or small projects to boost business performance.


Create & publish content in one place to keep employees up to date on all news and information across all devices

Performance Reporting

Monthly & quarterly reporting on all targets and budgets associated with business management and employee performance

Risk Management

Risk evaluation & reporting using visual dashboards and reports to reduce all risks associated with business performance

Resolution Tracking

Resolution monitoring and tracking for better committee services and board sessions

Vision Activ is an unrivalled software consulting firm that provides practical solutions for all kinds of performance issues. All of our business management solutions are developed after an in-depth study and with great attention to the minutest problem that occurs in today's innovative firms. We offer extremely effective, easy-to-use, and easy-to-integrate solutions without the need for any specific training for employees.



Vision Activ software solutions give high visibility and visual dashboards with drop-down functions and filter options, to help you in making the best decisions for your business.

We offer customised dashboards to meet the client’s needs with offline printing options.

Vision Activ Analytics Dashboard
Vision Activ Analytics Reports


Vision Activ's systems have built-in reports that can be easily adjusted to meet any company’s demands. We export all data in major print-ready formats. All reports are designed to help management make better decisions and boost performance

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Cascade Strategy

Through effective planning, you can easily cascade your workstream from strategy to yearly plans.

Efficient Reporting

Monitor real-time progress reporting and planning for better business transformation solutions.

& Governance

Oversight for all performance management, risk assessments and project plans.

Planning Framework

Build a solid framework for creating a bridge between organisational and employee performance.


Improve visual appearance with beautiful dashboards including necessary drop-down menus and filter options.


Maintain transparency & accountability for the team’s performance by assigning responsibility to KPIs.

Vision Activ Performance Management System

Performance Management System

With Vision Activ's ePMS, you can Plan, Assess, and Upgrade the performance of your people, a specific department, or a process-in-action to align it with your business goals.

Vision Activ Communication Management System

communication Management System

Vision Activ provides a Corporate Communication System that closes communication gaps in a company from three perspectives: Organisational, Leadership & Employee.

Vision Activ Resolution Management System

Resolution Management System

Vision Activ's Resolution Management System helps you catalyse the decision-making process by effectively preparing, running, and monitoring your business performance.

Vision Activ Project Management System

Project Management System

Vision Activ Project Management System customises your projects to track your progress, report any errors and show final results in order to eliminate any risk of failure.

Vision Activ Risk Management System

Risk Management System

With Vision Activ Risk Management System, you can easily identify any errors and control financial, strategic, or security risks to your business performance and earnings.

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