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Business Management Consulting Services
to Assist Your Company in Performance Improvement

If you're struggling with disorganised strategy formulation, ineffective performance management, or inefficient internal work procedures, the management consulting experts and business transformation specialists at Vision Activ are here to help!

Business Management Consulting Services

Transfer of Skills

Vision Activ provides you with a dedicated team of management consulting 
specialists to help you drive your organisation in the right direction. 

Our experienced business consultants start by identifying the underlying 
problems before analysing them and developing feasible solutions.

Consulting Services

A Business Consulting Firm that can Help in Organisation’s Performance Improvement

Our experienced and dedicated business consultants can help your company with:

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

 Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Organisational Diagnostic Analysis

Organisational Diagnostic Analysis

Performance Management

Performance Management

 Change Management

Change Management

 Organisational Turnaround

Organisational Turnaround

Ben Vision Activ customer testimonial

Strategic Management

We commissioned the Vision Activ Team to develop a Turnaround Strategy for our Organisation. Their approach to this process was innovative as it focused the Organisation on self-renewal and repositioning for impact and tangible outcomes. The proposed Turnaround Strategy not only changed the strategic trajectory of our Organisation but could also be used as a blueprint for poverty alleviation through the creation of community-based economic opportunities and income-generating activities.

Consulting Services
Best Consulting Company

The Best
Business Consulting Services Exist Here

By providing full management consultation services, Vision Activ will function as an extension of your team. Connecting with our business consulting team will allow you to increase productivity, up-scale your organisation's work processes, and most importantly, stay ahead of the competition. Some of the domains where our business consulting services will be useful include:

Consulting Services

Navigating Business Challenges Through Unrivaled Management Consulting Services

Management consulting services

In today's extremely "VUCA" business world, organisations do not want to tolerate even the slightest management discrepancy or process mishandlings. However, sometimes situations get out of control and turn into something unusual that no one could have predicted. Thankfully, Vision Activ has skilled business advisors who can detect problems before they become serious. Our experienced business consultants investigate the underlying issues, analyse them, and then devise practical solutions to eliminate them. Additionally, our business consulting services are supported by years of experience, immense expertise, and, most importantly, best industry practises.

Change Management

Change Management
Helping Organisations Manage Transformation Effortlessly

Often it is perceived that organisations don’t achieve their goals after a large-scale transformation programme. Moreover, they experience a significant increase in the failure rate and lower productivity. Vision Activ’s Change Management consulting services combat these odds. With our change management consultancy services, you can experience:

  • Strengthened work culture

  • Increase in leadership capability development

  • Greater effectiveness in leader’s modus-operandi

  • Increase in collaboration across departments

Change Management Vision Activ
Change Management

Change Management
An Initiative to Bring Seamless Change Management to Organisations

When businesses embark on the journey to seamless change management, our “Good to Great Programme” provides a structured and robust approach for solving problems and managing effective performance. Key highlights of the programme:

  • Help reveal employees’ perception

  • Assess the organisation’s improvement over the past 5 years

  • Helps organisational states use powerful diagnostic tools

  • Align functional & inter-functional accountabilities to improve relationships

  • Craft the future through an interactive and engaging process

  • Commit to a new beginning to create a great Organisation

Strategy Management

Strategy Management
Aiding Organisations in
Goal-Centered Business
Strategy Development

Uncertainty in target determination, undefined objectives, and insufficient commitment from senior management-all can be resolved with Vision Activ’s strategy development consulting services.

Through an engaging approach, our business management consulting services support the co-creation of the organisational strategic framework that aligns corporate and employee goals.  Our business strategy consulting services offer:

  • A strategic framework that addresses all areas of the business

  • Application of robust planning methods which enable ease of alignment and cascade of plans

  • Review and optimisation of existing strategies

Business Strategy Development
Strategy Management

Strategy Management
Results Driven Strategy Consulting Programme

In today’s fast-paced progressive businesses, strategy development has become more important than ever. Vision Activ’s strategy development consulting program helps organisations mobilise for change, navigate uncertainty, and complete tasks on time. Following are the key Highlights of our Programme:

  • Helps you to have an open group chat on sensitive issues affecting the Organisation.

  • Represents a key success criterion to have effective engagement around the design & development of a Strategic Framework.

  • Facilitate the development of Organisational plans which are used as a basis to develop Departmental and Sectional Plans.

  • Providing software systems to capture Organisational and Departmental Plans.

Performance Management Consulting

Performance Management Consulting

Performance management is a process that ensures the actions being performed in the organisation match the business goals effectively and efficiently. At Vision Activ, our performance management and accountability specialists offer proven strategies to drive productivity and increase profitability. With our straightforward performance management consulting services, you can experience:

  • Mapping of organisational performance expectations with individual accountability expectations.

  • A transparent, honest, and effective process to give feedback to employees.

  • Improvement in the ill organisation culture that earlier degraded the business performance.

Performance Management Consulting
Performance Management Consulting

Performance Management Consulting
Ensuring Organisation’s Win Through Effective Performance Management System

Through our performance management programme, we provide a simple and straightforward approach to assess and provide feedback to your employees by which they can know their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you can expect to see the following from our performance management program:

  • Design of a Performance Management Framework

  • Development of Organisational and Departmental Plans

  • Preparation and Sign–Off of Performance Agreements/Contracts

  • Progress Reporting and Monitoring

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Personal Development Planning


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