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Helping Employees Improve &
Organisations Thrive

Vision Activ offers the complete solution for all your business performance management needs. We enable you to Plan, Assess, and Improve the performance of employees, a specific department, or a process-in-action to align it with company goals.

Vision Activ Performance Management System

All-In-One Performance Management Software

Get the best business performance management solutions to combat the gaps

in the organisation's performance system 
through Planning, Reporting, Monitoring,

and Evaluation processes.

Our Performance Management Kit

The Complete Performance Kit for
Creating, Monitoring & Evaluating Your Strategy

Easy goal setting & tracking

Easy Goal Setting & Tracking

360 Degrees Feedback & performance reviews

360 Degrees Feedback & Performance Reviews

Provides automated generation of reports

Provides Automated Generation of Reports

End to end performance management

End to End Performance Management

Constructs an ideal performance review

Constructs an Ideal Performance Review Process

Enables performance assessments

Enables Performance Assessments

Performance Management System

Enhance Your Business Value with an End-to-End
Performance Management System

Performance Management System

Regular Assessment
Right Decision

A one-time performance review of employees once a year will not allow you to make the right decisions about their promotions or salary hikes. Vision Activ ePMS’s real-time performance evaluation can remove uncertainties from both organisational and individual performance management processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Vision Activ regular assessment right decision
Performance Management System

Help Employees

A high percentage of employees seek feedback from their bosses on the work they have completed. Vision Activ ePMS is one of the most creative performance management software, that not only help managers acknowledge employees’ efforts but also kick start a conversation about areas for improvement.

Help Employees Excel Vision Activ
Performance Management System

Automated Reminders
Keep you up to date

Vision Activ ePMS- One of the best performance management tools never let you or your employees miss performance evaluation deadlines. It creates a high-performance culture by providing you and your staff with automatic reminders concerning the assessments.

Automated Reminders Keep you up to date
Performance Management System


Managers' hearts are drawn to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound) goals in any firm. The Performance Management System from Vision Activ assists managers in keeping staff engaged, on track, and producing productive results.

Setting SMART Goals Vision Activ
Performance Management System

The Deserving

Employees in big companies frequently feel betrayed when they offer their all but fail to get the attention of supervisors and HR.

By maintaining a thorough overview of employees' performance

in front of corporate leaders, Vision Activ ePMS removes unwanted gaps from performance management processes across enterprises.

Award the deserving
Performance Management System

More than just an employee
Performance Management System

Vision Activ's Performance Management System not only keeps you updated on your employee's performance, but also assists you in conducting performance assessments across departments, specific projects, and the business as a whole. It assists you in identifying issues and planning solutions before they become bigger.

More than just an employee Performance Management System

Boosting Employee's Performance
Increasing Organisation's 

We bring in a highly intuitive and state-of-art Cloud-Based Performance Management Software Solution that supports and streamlines the performance management processes of any organisation.

Increasing Organisation's  Productivity

Effective Performance Management System
for Progressive Organisations

Performance Planning

Performance Planning

Every organisation has specific goals, needs, and unique criteria for measuring success. We at Vision Activ ePMS, offer customisable modules as well as configure organisational structures, job descriptions, skills framework, and performance evaluation criteria. It includes provisions:

  • To capture Strategic Implementation Plans.

  • For alignment of Annual reports, projects, and risk management with strategic plans.

  • To capture Capex and Opex budgets with Activity-Based Planning Levels.


Accountability Management

A business is considered to have an effective and efficient performance management and development system when the employees’ work styles are determined to meet the corporate goals. Vision Activ’s online performance evaluation tool determines employee objectives to match stakeholder expectations, personal development plans, and line manager demands. It includes various provisions for:


  • Automated generation of Performance Management, Risk Evaluation, and Project Evaluation plans.

  • Linking employee objectives to annual plans and job descriptions.

  • Online reviews and approvals of performance agreements by line managers.

Accountability Management
Progress Reporting & Monitoring

Progress Reporting & Monitoring

Vision Active ePMS simplifies business performance management. It provides an alternative to manual performance drills where performance reports were only issued once a year.

Real-time progress reporting and monitoring to analyse the employee's strengths and weaknesses at any moment. Furthermore, it also generates actionable insights to help managers, administrators, and executives make the right decisions. It has various provisions for:

  • Online evidence portfolio uploading

  • Online reporting and monitoring of progress against performance agreements and annual plans

  • Project Management Reporting

  • Risk Management Reporting


Performance Evaluation Activity

A lot of things fall under the business performance management process. Vision Activ ePMS works as an effective and centralised solution that manages all performance evaluation processes. It brings online reviews and approvals together making it more effective. Furthermore, the 360-degree process increases communication between the organisation and its team members.

It includes provisions for:

  • Stakeholders to conduct feedback against performance processes

  • Online reviews and approvals

  • Automated schedule for face-to-face evaluations

  • Moderation process in the event of disputes

Performance Evaluation Activity

All our software solutions are created after an in-depth study of managerial workflows and by giving meticulous attention to the minutest problem confronted by today’s progressive organisations. Moreover, all our software solutions are immensely robust, easy to use, and can be easily integrated into any organisation’s workstream without giving any special training to the employees.

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Vision Activ eCOMM

communication Management System

Vision Activ provides a Corporate Communication System that closes communication gaps in a company from three perspectives: Organisational, Leadership & Employee.

Vision Activ eRMS

Resolution Management System

Vision Activ's Resolution Management System helps you catalyse the decision-making process by effectively preparing, running, and monitoring your business performance.

Vision Activ Project Management Software

Project Management System

Vision Activ Project Management System customises your projects to track your progress, report any errors and show final results in order to eliminate any risk of failure.

Vision Activ Risk Management System

Risk Management System

With Vision Activ Risk Management System, you can easily identify any errors and control financial, strategic, or security risks to your business performance and earnings.


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