What can Vision Activ ePMS do for you?

Vision Activ ePMS plans are designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started with ePMS Lite then upgrade later.

Save Money

Reduce the cost of your

carbon footprint by running

in the cloud

gain control

Improve your management

oversight by holding people accountable

take action

Take control of your organisation with live dashboard analytics to gain a pulse on your organisation

Get meaningful insights into your business information on the go.

Say goodbye to manual reporting and hello to automation

At Vision Activ we understand how valuable your time is. Monthly reporting can be tedious, which is why we've made it easy for you. The Vision Activ performance management system can easily export your dashboards and reports instantly, saving you time and money.

Seamless integration between organisational & employee performance management processes

Our electronic performance management system is an innovative cloud-based solution that supports an organisations performance planning, accountability management, reporting and monitoring governance and evaluation processes.

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Virtual Consultants ready to help you set up your Organisation customized with your own terminologies.



Create a culture of accountability for your organization.

Progress Reporting

Improve the efficiency of progress reporting and have real-time reporting and monitoring.



It provides a sound platform to build a high-performance culture.

Find the right Vision Activ ePMS plan for your business

Vision Activ ePMS plans is designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started with ePMS Lite then upgrade later.

Vision Activ ePMS


Subscription Model

Vision Activ ePMS


(Organisational Performance Management System)

12 Month Subscription

Vision Activ ePMS Standard

(Organisational or Individual Performance Management System)

24 Month Subscription

Vision Activ ePMS Enterprise

(Integrated Organisational & Individual Performance Management System)

36 Month Subscription

Optional Extras which can be added to any monthly package

Vision Activ ePMS plans is designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started with ePMS Lite then upgrade later.

*All packages and package options are subject to change without prior notification

Our cloud-based solution comprises of:

Vision Activ plans are designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started on a Lite plan then upgrade later.



Our Communication Management System is a platform for publishing your Online Media



Our Resolution Management System is designed to manage your meetings and Track and Monitor your Resolutions



Our eReporting System is a simple monitoring and reporting tool

Frequently asked questions

Can the Vision Activ ePMS System help me achieve a clean audit status?

Yes, many of our clients in the public sector have received a clean audit status on performance management using the vision activ epms system.

Can I purchase the system without my company going out on tender?

Yes, our pricing packages are very affordable and can be procured using the 3 Quote system for Request for Quotes.

Is the system web based?

Yes our system works best with Google Chrome browser on all devices.

Can the system be customized?

Yes, we can customize our software to suit your needs.

COVID 19 Discount

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