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Do you have Coaching as a competency in your Performance Management?

Coaching has become an integral part of managing employees and improving their performance. Coaching is often confused with career counseling or performance reviews as it comprises similar activities. However, coaching is fundamentally the day-to-day, hands-on process of helping employees recognize opportunities to improve their performance and their capabilities.

Over the years, coaching has evolved to become an expected competency for supervisors, and through its evolution so has the approach to coaching changed. From general discussions to a more focussed approached integrating competencies with the job profiles and personal aspirations.

How is this linked to the Performance Management Process?

Although coaching is to build up an employee, the supervisor gains the opportunity to improve their skills required to implement coaching. Such skills include but not limited to are interpersonal communication skills, mentoring skills, teaching skills, listening skills, performance management knowledge, patience, and leadership skills.

The formula for effective and successful Coaching is Aptitude + Motivation + Resources = Success.

Where aptitude focuses on employee knowledge, skills, ability, and talent to reach your objectives, motivation focuses on your attitude, confidence, focus, and drive to reach your objectives and resources focus on organisations and supervisor's support, time, and relevant tools or equipment to create improvement. This ultimately leads to Success, whether it is a small or big change, an improvement should never be disregarded.

With these three factors addressed, people can be successful. However, one must remember that you can be given all the processes, knowledge tools, etc, but it will only work if there are willingness and consistency in its application aligned with a positive mindset.

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