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Digitalising Performance Management

The operation of day-to-day business operations is evolving and with technology at the forefront, organisations are now focusing on using digital platforms as the means for conducting business and moving away from paper-based manual processes.

One of the processes being digitalised is that of Performance Management, it is one of the core components in every Organisation, focusing on Organisational and Individual Performance.

Why move from manual to automation? What benefits would this give an organisation? How will it help Organisations?

Performance Management is imperative for Business Success but what is more important is the transition from manual to automation.

1. The manual paper-based process to Electronic Automation

If something saves time, is standardised, saves you money, enhances employee morale, and creates a culture of accountability – would you rather stay in what you doing or would you look at being in the better space? Hence, with that in mind, organisations should be looking for efficiency and effectiveness without comprising employees and keeping their interests in mind. Automation is not an expense but should be looked at as an investment to the organisation’s future.

2. Integration between Organisational and Individual Performance

The Vision Activ ePMS system enables the automatization and integration of Organisational Performance and Individual Performance using one solution, where your Organisational Goals, Strategies, Departmental and Individual Plans can all be linked together. Employees can each complete their Performance Agreements using a standardised and streamlined process, they can update their performance progress which ultimately enables organisational results and complete self-assessments. Management will have the capability to complete online reviews, provide online feedback, track progress, and maintain early warning signals through analytics and dashboard status which is based on real-time data.

3. Time efficiency

What could take you 2 days to complete an employee performance agreement can now take less than an hour. What could take you one week to develop a report, can now take you 1min. What would take you 2 weeks to develop dashboards and analytics would now take you a few minutes to create variant dashboards. Now, is that not a great time saving, a smart investment, and time well spent. Additional time can now be used in something else – enhancing productivity and improving employee morale by creating ease and simplicity.

4. Cost-saving

Initially, to automate you will need to invest in a good system. Note the term “invest” and not “purchase”. Investing is the smart way to make money, the smart way to grow, and the smart way to improve. The Vision Activ ePMS system which is cloud-based, enables storage of employee performance agreements online, evidence can be stored online, reports are displayed online and downloadable, real-time dashboarding can be shown virtually – what has this saved you? You are cutting costs of paperwork-supporting the Go Green initiatives, being environment-friendly, Saving the cost for consultants to do reporting and analytics, saving overtime payment for previous manual work to meet deadlines, using the saved time for alternative work-enhancing your return on investment.

Notwithstanding the benefits from automation, organisations must not forget that any transition requires constant engagement and Change Management to help move employees to create the ease of transition from one process to another.

Along with the ePMS system, Vision Activ also offers a holistic solution approach which incorporates Education, Change Management, and Support consulting to help organisations to make an easy transition.

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