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5 Outcomes to be achieved from a Public Sector Performance Management Transformation

Vision Activ proposes an integrated and holistic performance management system to address Public Sector Organisations to achieve 5 Outcomes.

As a nation we are on the threshold of re-shaping the future of our country. Government is giving meaning to this by #improvingservicedelivery. One of the key challenges facing us is ineffective Performance Management, which results in a loss of institutional credibility and value in meeting the needs of our society.

The “Performance Management Transformation” proposes the vehicle through which all critical success measures are translated into Provincial and National Performance Measures. This will provide a platform for the measurement of delivery and performance review and provides for consequential progression of Individual and Organisational development and growth.

Performance Management Landscape

The Performance Management Landscape is best described using the metaphor of an iceberg to describe common challenges and problems as experienced by Public Sector Organisation’s.

Some of these Organisations commonly experience challenges and problems around poor results, low morale, low productivity, and lack of accountability and governance.

These challenges are caused by poor planning and reporting, lack of tools, leadership challenges, culture issues, lack of skills, and poor stakeholder management.

Underpinning the cause of the symptoms is the culture prevalent in the Organisation’s mental models and mindsets that people hold which ultimately impact #accountability and productivity.

Organizational interventions to address these problems are traditionally made at the symptom level, which does not necessarily create long-term solutions to these challenges. In addition, these issues are often addressed on an ad-hoc basis based on the greatest pain being experienced at a particular point in time.

“Against this background, Vision Activ proposes a Performance Management Transformation which provides an integrated and holistic solution to address the above mentioned challenges to achieve the following 5 Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Alignment of Goals

The use of the Results-Based Planning Framework by Vision Activ, commonly known as the “Logic Model”, will enable public sector organizations to align their goals and objectives to National and Provincial priorities. The process allows for seamless cascading of strategic goals and objectives from Directors to Managers to Employees. It will improve the quality of measures in terms of Key Performance Indicators and establish Accountability at the respective levels within the Organisation.

Outcome 2: Improved Monitoring and Evaluation

The use of the Vision Activ Electronic Performance Management System (ePMS) provides for seamless integration between organizational and individual performance. The ePMS system provides for the capture of the Performance Management Process from Strategic and Annual Performance Plans (APPs). Automated Performance Agreements are generated from the system which is linked to the Annual Performance Plan and Employees’ Job Descriptions. Employees have the ability to update and monitor progress against their Annual Performance Plan and upload evidence, which provides for a sound basis for Performance Evaluations through the use of the system. The impact of the Vision Activ ePMS system creates a culture of accountability and risk management for the organization.

Outcome 3: Improved Leadership, Skills, and Capacity

Vision Activ’s Results-Based Leadership Programme is designed to enhance Individual and Organisational Performance. Leaders are skilled in defining performance expectations and managing day to day performance. The use of the Vision Activ Electronic Performance Management System (ePMS) provides Leadership with the platform to monitor the progress of their Employees which creates a higher level of accountability and ownership and the employee is acknowledged for performance delivery. Employees benefit from the performance management process, by gaining clarity around performance expectations and attaining a greater feeling of personal accomplishment resulting from improved service delivery.

Outcome 4: Improved Morale and Culture

Vision Activ’s “Good to Great Programme” proposes the vehicle through which a full diagnostic analysis is completed, and organizational commitment is obtained to move the Organisation from where it is currently to where it aspires to be. The Programme will provide a platform for the planning and measurement of delivery and affording consequential progression of Individual and Organisational development and growth. The Programme is designed to provide delegates with an opportunity to share their feelings about the Organisation in a very engaging and non-intimidating way. Delegates reflect on their performance review the historical evolution of the organization and assess the current organizational state using a series of high impact and organizational diagnostic tools. The outcome of the Good to Great Programme will improve the morale and culture of the organization and enable employees to commit to a new beginning to create a great organization.

Outcome 5: Organisational Sustainability

Our concept of Pathfinders, who are Change Ambassadors for the Organisation, provides for the sustainability of our interventions by working hands-on with Vision Activ to ensure the “Transfer of Skills” is taking place. Pathfinders provide the first level of support for the Vision Activ Electronic Performance Management System (ePMS) and performance management processes which enables the Organisation to be more capacitated and depend less on a service provider.

The implementation of the Performance Management Transformation Blueprint will enable Public Sector Organisations to obtain a clean audit with regards to Performance Management whilst improving overall Governance, Leadership, and Skills which will ultimately result in Improved Service Delivery.

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