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Vision Activ Results Based Accountability Model

Our basis of design for our suite of solutions and our implementation approach is rooted in the following Vision Activ Results-Based Accountability Model:

The RESULTS that we strive to achieve at an Organisational level is expressed through Strategic and Operational Plans.

Against these Strategic and Operational Plans, Key Results Areas are defined.

The achievement of the results is influenced by how people deliver against their ACCOUNTABILITY.

How they deliver on their Accountability is influenced by PLANNING, LEADERSHIP, and GOVERNANCE within the Organisation which in turn is influenced by BELIEFS, ASSUMPTIONS, and RELATIONSHIPS held and maintained by people.

The above model is intended to demonstrate how the impact of our belief systems, experiences and relationships can affect the results we achieve. Our research and experience have constantly highlighted that any form of Organisational change is only cemented when people are Engaged Emotionally, Aligned Intellectually and are provided with opportunities to Reinforce the new Behaviours required.

We Engage Emotionally by:

  1. Gaining buy-in and commitment of all key stakeholders to the #performancemanagement Implementation Journey.

  2. Maintaining a Change Paradigm to help people cope with the transition between their current and their new desired state of implementing and embedding a new high-performance culture.

  3. Using a combination of best practice tools and processes which is unique to Vision Activ to create buy-in and commitment.

  4. Focusing on personality profiling to improve Team Dynamics.

We Align Intellectually by:

  1. Developing comprehensive #performanceprocesses, policies, and procedures.

  2. Using Robust Planning Methodologies (Results-Based, Logic Model, Balanced Scorecard) which helps improve quality of measures, assigns accountability and responsible functions, provides for a seamless transition between long term and annual planning, enables ease of alignment to National, Provincial, Regional and Strategic Priorities and for provides seamless integration between Organisational and Employee Performance.

  3. Building a strong Institutional Framework comprising of a Performance Management Structure, Aligned, Measurable and Cascadable Plans, Structure to establish Accountability, Simplified Progress Reporting, and Monitoring and Evaluation.

  4. Equipping all Users and Stakeholders with skills to develop plans, establish Accountability, Monitor and Evaluate Performance.

We Reinforce Behaviours by:

  1. Maintaining a Hands-on and Sustainable Approach to support the embedding of our initiatives.

  2. Executing a robust Project Implementation Framework.

  3. Aligning teams to work towards a common purpose and goals using simple yet efficient integrated plans.

  4. Implementing the concept of Pathfinders which provides a platform for the transfer of skills from Vision Activ to Clients and ensuring the sustainability of interventions.

  5. Maintaining practical application of systems by completing performance agreements and plans, updating progress, monitoring progress and completing performance evaluations, and progressing the status of meetings resolutions online.

  6. Implementing a communications platform to improve communication across all functions, departments, and stakeholders.

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