What can Vision Activ eCOMMS do for you?

Vision Activ eCOMM's plans are designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started with eCOMMS Lite then upgrade later.

Save Money

Reduce the cost of your

carbon footprint by running

in the cloud

save time

Save time from attending unnecessary meetings

by being informed

improve morale

The lack of communication

ranks amongst the Top 3 problems

that contributes to low morale

Get meaningful insights into your business information on the go

Vision Activ eCOMM will help you improve your communication at an Organisational, Departmental, Employee and Stakeholder level

Find the right Vision Activ eCOMMS plan for your business

Vision Activ eCOMM's plans are designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started with eCOMMS Lite then upgrade later.

Vision Activ eCOMMS


Subscription Model

Vision Activ eCOMMS


(SME Market)

12 Month Subscription

Vision Activ eCOMMS Standard

(Mid Size Market)

24 Month Subscription

Vision Activ eCOMMS Enterprise

(Corporate Market)

36 Month Subscription

Data allowance for web traffic

1GB per month

2GB per month

5GB per month

Setup teams, departments and stakeholders

Setup user groups

Setup user roles

Upload Text

Upload Audio

Upload Images

Upload Videos

Automated reminders

Automated calendar reminders

*All packages and package options are subject to change without prior notification

Our cloud-based solution comprises of:

Vision Activ plans are designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started on a Lite plan then upgrade later.



Our Performance Management System integrates Organisational and Individual Performance



Our Resolution Management System is designed to manage your meetings and Track and Monitor your Resolutions



Our eReporting System is a simple monitoring and reporting tool

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade my subscription packages?

Yes, you can upgrade a subscription package anytime in the year.

Can I downgrade my subscription packages?

Yes, an admin fee will apply to the new configuration required for the downgrade

COVID 19 Discount

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