Change management is a collective term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individualsteams, and organizations in making organizational change.

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Good to Great Programme

Vision Activ’s “Good to Great Programme” proposes the vehicle through which a full diagnostic analysis is completed,

and Organisational commitment obtained to move the Organisation from where it is at the moment to where it aspires to be.

The Programme will provide a platform for the planning and measurement of delivery, affording the consequential progression of Individual and Organisational development and growth.

  • We hold a pre-meeting to understand the environment.

  • We design and facilitate delivery for the workshop.

  • We prepare and deliver a comprehensive workshop report.

Programme Overview

The Programme is designed to provide delegates with an opportunity to:

1. Share their feelings about the Organisation in a very engaging and non-intimidating

and non-threatening manner.

2. Reflect on the Historical Evolution of the Organisation over the past five years; by

appreciating how the past influences the current reality of the Organisation.

3. Assess the Current Organisational State using a series of high impact Participate

Organisational diagnostic tools.

4. Align on Functional and Inter-Functional Accountability to improve cross-functional relationships.

5. Craft the future through an interactive and engaging process of road-mapping the way forward to

mitigate gaps in being a great Organisation.

6. Commit to a new beginning to create a great Organisation.

Our skills development programmes comprises of :

Vision Activ plans are designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started on a Lite plan then upgrade later.



This is about facilitating the co-creation of the organisational strategic framework to align Organisational and Employee Goals through an engaging process.

Our Change Management Programmes are aimed to embed Performance Management and to create a High-Performance Culture.





Organisations are clear about what they need to do but the "how" to make it happen remains a challenge. This  covers the tools to Manage Performance.

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Sign up before the 31st of March to receive our special Covid 19 Discount on all Solutions and System license fees.