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Vision Activ eCOMM: A new way for Organisational Communication

Firstly, we need to understand what Communication is to be able to understand why it is so important.

Communication is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another using mutually understood signs, symbols, and language. The main process fundamental to all communication is the formation of communicative motivation or reason, the message composition, and the message encoding.

Simply put, communication is not only verbal talks, it ranges from the audio to images, the type of body language, behavior that gets pushed out and decoded by another. Therefore, making communication key in any organisation.

What you say, do and how you act sends out messages that get interpreted differently by all. It is imperative that in the workplace we ensure that organisational communication is understood in the same manner, as it becomes the building blocks for a successful organisation.

The impact of ineffective communication, whether it be personal or organisational, may increase the chances for misunderstandings, shatter relationships, cause a loss in trust, and increase anger and resentment in individuals. In organisations, this may stem from poorly aligned strategy, a failure to execute the strategy, use of the wrong communication vehicle, bad timing, and even nuances such as word choice or tone of voice and body language.

How can organisations make sure they get the right message out and the right messages decoded?

One of the main challenges’ organisations face, is to ensure the best vehicles for delivering any given message to and from employees. With the advancement of time, we are provided with so many options, such as face-to-face, electronic media, printed materials, and webinars, hence choosing the correct platform becomes quite complex.

Along with choosing the correct platform, organisations need to consider the timing of information and the location of employees. The timing is imperative as there may be emergency information, which needs to be sent out such as important notices or emergencies. Organisations need to consider the location, as employees may be located at the office building, out for meetings, workshops or are they working virtually from home and to ensure that the message is relayed timeously to them.

Organisations are always hassled with only the media and communications team covering content when many employees may bring valuable information, sometimes the media team is not always available to relay certain messages when required. Organisations need to find solutions to ONE message, ONE understanding using ONE platform. With that in mind, they also need to consider the impact and contribution to the organisation and its employees.

The Vision Activ’s communication system (eComm) has been designed with all these factors in consideration and can cater to ONE message, ONE understanding using ONE platform. The eComm helps to build employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement as its not only the Media Team that can input but all employees. This in return helps employees stay abreast of all organizational information and can be accessed via all media accessories such as laptops, PCs, and phones, hence mitigating the challenge of the location of employees.

eComm allows for advanced scheduling of content whether it be articles, notices, or reminders. It also caters to emergency news which is covered as breaking news. Employees have the opportunity to help the communications and media team in defining content, thus giving employees a voice - a meaningful component of improving employees' satisfaction with their employer, which only leaves the media and communication team to ensure content is viable and valuable and is in line with the communication policies, which also improves processes and procedures, creating greater efficiency in communication and reducing costs in publications through the use of ONE platform which caters for all forms of communication types.

The eComm caters to a targeted audience such that specific messages can be sent accordingly on one platform, this helps reduce the chances for misunderstandings and potentially increasing employees commitment and loyalty as they now feel a part of the organization, and having clear, open, effective communication can create a sense of transparency in your organization, which builds trust between levels of employees.

Open communication can reduce feelings of uncertainty and cluelessness about the state of the organization, which makes for a more positive work environment and staff who feel secure and safe. An employee who feels included has a better attitude than a less-informed employee.

Having positive staff retention ultimately improves organisations relationships internally and externally, thus creating a sense of clarity for all, allowing employees to be collaborative as they are now all aware of different interactions, project deliverables, etc.

eComms ultimately enables organisations to ensure that everyone is on the same page and prevent problems down the road, leaving the organisations feeling efficient and effective in their communication operations.

Happy Employees means a Happy Organisation!

Get your comms package now, at a 30% discount valid until the end of November 2020.

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