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How to create and share ownership?

Here are ten tips on ways to create and share ownership within your Organisation.

1. Give #employees the power to make decisions about how their job is done. When possible, give them say in the company’s inner workings too.

2. Build rewards into the success of the company as well as individual departments. Make rewards based on results as well as actions.

3. Keep communication as open as possible. Share successes and failures.

4. Communication should be personal and intimate whenever possible – a meeting of 50 people with the CEO is far more effective than a newsletter or memo.

5. When you hand off a project, let go completely. Be supportive and offer advice and resources, but don’t problem-solve. One way to do this is to focus on the end results only, not the details.

6. Whenever possible, let people speak for themselves. If a report must be prepared or a presentation must be given, pass it off to the project owner.

7. Let employees know what the long-term plan is. Give them options for how they want to be involved through ventures like career and succession planning.

8. Encourage a holistic approach through the company. Focus on quality as well as quantity, customer satisfaction, and other emotion-based factors.

9. Invest in your employees. When possible, give them opportunities to learn and do new things. If possible, give them support to try new things – and don’t say “I told you so” if it doesn’t work.

10. Work on creating an atmosphere of cooperation and creativity rather than competition.

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