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5 Elements of Performance Management Automation

Is your desk being cluttered with piles and piles of paper that’s being submitted for Performance Reviews?

As a Manager, have you kept your employees waiting while you try to find their important paperwork on your cluttered desk?

Are your employee’s performance agreements and quarterly reports going missing?

If you answered YES to those questions, then its time you Automate.

Why should you? Automation of Performance Management Processes will decrease the time you spend on paperwork, your subordinates will have more time to focus on other aspects of their job, and you will be able to get your hands on all the reporting and review the information you need through a click of a button.


1) PAPERLESS SYSTEM We all know what it’s like having papers laying all around the place and you lose track of which progress report belongs to which department or employee. With an automated system that will become a thing of the past! The Vision Activ Electronic Performance Management (ePMS) System saves all elements from Annual Planning Reports to Performance Agreements to Progress Reports and not forgetting Performance Appraisals all under one folder with full history tracking regarding the departments. A plus side benefit is that it can help reduce the business costs associated with paper and printing.

2) ALL DATA GETS STORED IN THE CLOUD All the information is stored in the cloud, making the program easily accessible from any device anywhere in the world, provided there is access to the Internet, and you have the login details for signing on. This can help employees keep track and update their information on all activities in the office even when they are away.

3) SINGLE POINT OF ACCOUNTABILITY In any industry, you have multiple people that are linked to an Organisational Scorecard, and more times than could be imagined, you struggle to keep track of all the KPIs for a specific department or even an employee. The Vision Activ’s ePMS system enables a single point of accountability assignment, meaning that each employee within the Scorecard is assigned to a unique single KPI which is aligned to their Department.

4) ONLINE EVIDENCE UPLOAD As employees update their progress throughout the year, it can be a hassle to keep track of lever arch files and piles of documents that get submitted on evidence, which is required to be verified against their progress reports. The Vision Activ ePMS system allows for employees to simultaneously progress report against their KPIs and upload up to 2GB of evidence files per KPI reported. Evidence files can comprise of multiple file types such as MS Docs, Audio, and Visual files. The ePMS system enables for “Evidence” to be predetermined and captured with relevant KPIs, such that employees are aware of what evidence must be completed and submitted for upload, thus ensuring that the correct evidence can be reviewed by their Line Manager, Performance Management Practitioners as well as Internal Audit Practitioners.

5) REAL-TIME DASHBOARDS The Vision Activ ePMS system is based on real-time. This means that all information captured by employees are displayed in various dashboard types that contain visualizations that are automatically updated with the most current data available. Dashboards are accompanied with a table representation of data and can be extracted out of the system in the form of image dumps.

Want to find out more regarding the Vision Activ ePMS System?

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