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Vision Activ Balanced Scorecard
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Vision Activ enhances your organisation's performance by providing access to top-of-the-line cloud-based smart business tools and services.

Vision Activ Balanced Scorecard

A Business Management Consultancy that drives real Growth & Boosts Performance


Business Transformation Experts

Vision Activ enhances your organisation’s 
performance by providing access to top-of-the-line cloud-based smart business tools and services. 


With the help of Vision Activ,
These companies are making a difference

Vision Activ Client BP
Vision Activ client NDA
Vision Activ client ATAF
Vision Activ Client SAOGA
Vision Activ client Namcor
Vision Activ client GTAC
Vision Activ client Shell
Vision Activ client Alexander Forbes
Vision Activ client Old Mutual
Addressing the issue

Make better decisions faster,
With proven tools & unparalleled services


Wrong strategy.
Wrong tools.

Spreadsheets and "fancy" presentations are static tools that don’t allow fast adaptability and real-time information regarding the status of your approach. They fail to link everyday activities to the broader vision, separating strategy from real-world implementation. With no proper strategy, there will be no focus on goals, no progress measurement, no result achievement, and no performance enhancement.


A true strategy execution platform.

With Vision Activ proven tools and unparalleled services, you can make better decisions faster. Our products and services have helped various firms make better decisions, boost customer satisfaction, optimise resource utilisation, increase profitability, and expand scalability. If you believe there are major obstacles in your company's work processes, then Vision Activ has optimal solutions for you.

Our Services

Business Management

Looking to grow your business? Boost your business management performance in Vision Activ’s way!

We use 3I’s in our Business Consulting – Innovate, Implement & Inspire. With our business transformation solutions, we coordinate inter-departmental workflows, enhance team spirit, improve skills, boost employee performance, and close gaps in work processes.


Strategy Development

To help you achieve your goals and objectives! Through an engaging approach, we support the co-creation of the business strategy framework that aligns organisational and employee success goals.

Vision Activ Strategy Development

Performance Management

To assist workers and the company to do better! Our performance management and accountability experts provide tried-and-true strategies to increase productivity and profitability.

Vision Activ Performance Management

Change Management

To ensure a smooth transition! Vision Activ's Change Management consulting services address the problems that arise as a result of major or small-scale transformation programmes.

Vision Activ change management
Our Tools

Performance Management System

Vision Activ's Performance Management System Plan, Assess & Upgrade organisational and employee performance.

Vision Activ Performance Management System
Our Tools

Communication System

Vision Activ's eComms improves communication and gets rid of the communication gap between organisations and employees.

Vision Activ Communication Management System
Our Tools

Resolution Management System

Vision Activ's Resolution Management System tracks and monitors decisions taken through effective planning.

Vision Activ Resolution Management System
Our Tools

Project Management System

Vision Activ's Project Management System customises your work to track your progress and whatever else you need.

Vision Activ Project Management System
Our Tools

Risk Management System

Vision Activ's Risk Management System identifies & controls financial, strategic, and security risks to an organisation's capital and earnings.

Vision Activ Risk Management System

Cascade Strategy

Through departmental plans, you can easily cascade your long-term and short-term business strategy.

Vision Activ cascade strategy

Planning Framework

A solid framework for creating a bridge between organisational and individual performance.

Vision Activ planning framework

Improve Accountability

Hold teams accountable for their performance by assigning responsibility to KPIs.

Vision Activ improve accountability

Oversight & Governance

Governance and oversight of all performance, risk, and project plans.

Vision Activ oversight & governance

Efficient Reporting

Real time progress reporting and monitoring of plans.

Vision Activ efficient reporting


Beautiful dashboards with all of the necessary sort and filter options.

Vision Activ Visualisations
The Ultimate Platform

Developing, Monitoring & Evaluating your Strategy

At Vision Activ, we help thousands of users execute their business strategies and achieve their goals! We make big ideas happen in a way that is easy enough for first-time strategists while having the expertise and scalability to meet the needs of major companies.

Business Unit Insights

The Complete Tool Kit for Business Unit Insights

We assist all businesses in developing a high-performance culture. Unlike other cloud-based solutions, Vision Activ focuses on a complete implementation of tools that ensures that the solution integrates properly with the organisation's existing process and cultural framework.

Executive Teams

Dashboards and reports management by executive teams to make effective choices.


You don't have to take our word for it.
Read what our customers say about our products & services

Keletsamaile Customer Testimonial
PMS Manager

Working with Vision Activ has been an energising experience as the team unraveled some shortcomings in our planning processes and improved them for the better. 

Mokgadi Customer Testimonial
Governance & Compliance

 Vision Activ developed a custom-made reporting e-tool which assisted us in automating our reporting processes.  The Vision Activ team is very reliable, thorough, and engaging in its approach to ensuring client satisfaction.  

Motsumi Customer Testimonial
Municipal Manager

The Vision Activ ePMS system enabled my organisation to achieve a clean audit status for

3 consecutive years by the Auditor General of South Africa.

Our Blog

Stay Updated with Our Resources,
Get your Teams into a Strategy & Performance Mindset!

Our blog is a great place to start educating yourself on leading business strategy and performance material.

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