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Mastering the Management of email Time Wasting

One of the greatest demands of our working time is sending emails.

It is important, as it is in line with the demands of our jobs. However, many people send out emails to more recipients and with a higher frequency than is often required. Let us look at how we can analyse the efficiency of the emailing process.

Firstly, analyze:

See what kind of impact it has on your day in terms of the timing.

1. How many emails do you receive on an average day? _____

2. How many of those emails do you reply to? _____

3. How many emails do you send (excluding the replies)? _____

Secondly, Calculate:

Let’s say that an average email takes you approximately three minutes (and that is only if they are short and need very quick thinking on your part).

Take the Total from above: _____ x 3min = ____________min

This is the total number of minutes per day that you manage email.

Is it any wonder that we struggle to get through the day?

This only looks at the emails, what if we added the time it takes to read reports, meeting minutes or agendas, process information or work on projects, eat a healthy lunch, and perhaps even some time spent investing in your people. It’s no wonder we are often looking for more time in the day.

By mastering the elimination of time wasters, you will soon start to find more time in your day.

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