Strategic management provides overall direction to an enterprise and involves specifying the organization's objectives, developing policies and plans to achieve those objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans.

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Programme Overview

  1. Open Dialogue: The process lends itself to an environment to have open group dialogue on sensitive issues affecting the Organisation. This represents a key success criterion to have effective engagement around the design and development of a Strategic Framework.

  2. Organisational Analysis: The Organisational Analysis covers a review of the Organisations current state, i.e. key pillars which inform the development of the Strategic Plan.

  3. Business Strategic Framework: We define the Strategic Framework using the Balanced Scorecard or customise to meet the Organisational needs

  4. Organisational and Departmental Plans: We facilitate the development of Organisational plans which is used as a basis to develop Departmental and Sectional Plans.

  5. Software System: We provide a software system to Capture Organisational Plans and Departmental Plans.

  6. Leadership Development: The process provides for leadership with regards to strategic thinking and business planning.


  1. Improve Team Dynamics: The process provides for breaking barriers and improving teamwork across functions.

  2. Provides Sound Platform: The Organisational Analysis provides a sound platform to design the Strategy to support the Organisations' Vision.

  3. Creates Alignment of Goals: The definition of the Organisational and Departmental Plans provides for a line of sight between Organisational, Departmental, Sectional, and Employee Goals.

  4. Provides for Seamless Integration: The Strategic Planning Framework provides for seamless integration between Organisational and Employee Performance.

  5. Automation of Performance Agreements: The process provides for automated Employee Agreements from the Organisational Plans.

Our skills development programmes comprises of :

Vision Activ plans are designed for all kinds of businesses. Get started on a Lite plan then upgrade later.



Our Change Management Programmes are aimed to embed Performance Management and to create a High-Performance Culture.



This is about facilitating the co-creation of the organisational strategic framework to align Organisational and Employee Goals through an engaging process.



Organisations are clear about what they need to do but the "how" to make it happen remains a challenge. This  covers the tools to Manage Performance.

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Sign up before the 31st of March to receive our special Covid 19 Discount on all Solutions and System license fees.