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This is about facilitating the co-creation of the Organisational Strategic Framework to align Organisational and Employee goals though an interactive and engaging process.

Programme Overview

  1. Open Dialogue: The process lends itself to an environment to have open group dialogue on sensitive issues affecting the Organisation. This represents a key success criterion to have effective engagement around the design and development of a Strategic Framework

  2. Organisational Analysis: The Organisational Analysis covers a review of the Organisations current state, i.e. key pillars which inform the development of the Strategic Plan.

  3. Business Strategic Framework: We define the Strategic Framework using the Balanced Scorecard or customise to meet the Organisational needs

  4. Organisational and Departmental Plans: We facilitate the development of Organisational plans which is used as a basis to develop Departmental and Sectional Plans

  5. Software System: We provide a software system to Capture Organisational Plans and Departmental Plans

  6. Leadership Development: The process provides for leadership with regards to strategic thinking and business planning


  1. Improve Team Dynamics: The process provides for breaking barriers and improving teamwork across functions

  2. Provides Sound Platform: The Organisational Analysis provides a sound platform to design the Strategy to support the Organisations Vision

  3. Creates Alignment of Goals: The definition of the Organisational and Departmental Plans provides for line of sight between Organisational, Departmental, Sectional and Employee Goals

  4. Provides for Seamless Integration: The Strategic Planning Framework provides for seamless integration between Organisational and Employee Performance

  5. Automation of Performance Agreements: The process provides for automated Employee Agreements from the Organisational Plans

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