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The Lack of Communication ranks as one of the Top 3 Problems that contributes to Low Employee Morale

To help overcome this challenge, we have developed an Electronic Communication Management System (eCOMM), which helps to solve Internally and Stakeholder Communication Problems.

These are best outlined from an Organisational, Leadership and Employee Perspective.

Organizational Perspective

Our eCOMM system will help you to address the following problems relating to the lack of Employee Morale:

· Engagement on Organisational Goals and Objectives

· Understanding of Organisational Priorities for the Month

· Appreciation of Organisational Performance Achieved

· Sharing of Organisational Achievements and Highlights

· Awareness of Stakeholder Issues

· Engagement on general Cultural and Institutional Issues

Leadership Perspective

Our eCOMM system will support you in addressing the lack of timeous communication on:

· Departmental Strategies, Plans, and Priorities

· Departmental Staff Movements

· Departmental Performance, Risk and Opportunities for Improvement

· General Departmental News

Employee Perspective

Our eCOMM system will help you keep Employees informed on:

· Organisational Goals and Objectives

· Risks and Challenges of the Organisation

· #PerformanceResults and Achievements of their fellow Colleagues

The cost of ineffective communication in an Organisation can easily add up if you factor in communication methods such as Emails, Meetings, and Phone Calls.

Vision Activ’s Communication Management System (eCOMM) is designed to streamline the #communicationprocess within an Organisation and provides the following 6 benefits:

1. User-Friendly System: With just 3 Clicks to Create, Approve and Publish your content

2. Provides for targeted communication to focused audiences: Teams, Departments,

Employees and Stakeholders

3. Provision for Breaking News and Push Notification to ensure receipt of information by specific audiences

4. Provision for Calendar Scheduling and Reminders to keep everyone informed

5. Provision to upload different types of information: Videos, Images, Text, Audio

6. eCOMM system works across all devices and runs in the cloud

The outcome of implementing the Vision Activ eCOMM system will boost Employee Morale and create a High-Performance Culture.

Want to know more? Go ahead and schedule a demo to find out how Vision Activ can assist your Organisation and help you improve your #communication processes with its eCOMM system:

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