Partner Programme


''If your business partners aren't working as hard as you, it's not a partnership, it's a sinking ship".

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What is a Channel Partner Programme?

This is a Lead Generation Referral Programme used by Vision Activ as an extension of its Marketing and Sales Functions to support Entrepreneurial Development for emerging and establishing Organisations and Individuals.


Vision Activ uses Implementation Channel Partners as Independent Consultants to generate sales, co-deliver the implementation and supporting of Clients with regards to the Value Proposition.

What are the benefits of being a Channel Partner?

Provides for Organisations to diversify and expand their value proposition to include the Vision Activ suite of solutions.

Creates an enabling environment to cross-sell Partner Products and to penetrate new industries and sectors.

Performance Management represents a Legislative the requirement to enable a Clean Audit in the Public Sector which provides for expansion of your current client base.

​Partnerships provide for an improved sustainable income stream and cash flow.

Affords exposure to innovative management practices and tools.

What are the expectations of a channel partner?

A Channel Partner will facilitate the Deal Making and secure Sales Contracts for the Vision Activ Suite of Solutions.

Implementation Channel Partner shall hold the accountability for delivery of the consulting, components of training, project management and change management initiatives of the Value Proposition.

What support will Vision Activ provide to Channel Partners?

Provide Product Awareness Training.

Offer Marketing Collateral and Pricing Guidelines.

Support Partners with face to face Presentations with potential Clients.

Support Partners with Project Implementations.