What can Vision Activ ePMS do for you?

The Vision Activ Performance Management System’s customised packages now make it convenient for any organisation, whether you have 10 or 1000 employees, to incorporate system tools to manage performance. Whether you are looking for a full performance management solution or simply something to manage the organisational side or maybe just to monitor your staff’s performance, we have you covered. Our solutions now come in a Lite, Standard or Enterprise package catered for your specific needs. 

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epms lite

Our lite package is customised for those looking for the ease of managing organisational performance.

The package is based on a 12 month subscription model inclusive of: 


  • User access of up to 25 users.

  • Easy planning frameworks to link your strategy to your annual and departmental plans catered for top tier employees.

  • Provision for organisational performance monitoring.

  • 2GB data upload capability.

  • Automated performance analytics. 

  • Automated report generation capability.

  • Online help and support.


epms standard

Our standard package is cutomised for those seeking a more advanced process for managing either organisational or individual performance. 


The package is based on a 24 month subscription model inclusive of:

  • Features from the ePMS lite. 

  • Designed for user access of up to 100 users.

  • Capability to cascade plans to lower levels.

  • Individual contracting module.

  • Individual and organisational reporting capability.

  • 5GB data upload capability. 

  • Individual assessment capability.

  • Additional reports and analytics 

  • Help and support with videos.

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epms enterprise

Our enterprise package is our cutting edge fully integrated organisational and individual performance management solution. 

The package is based on a 36 month subscription model and includes:

  • Features of the ePMS Standard.

  • Designed for user access of 200+

  • Special performance review module with related reporting and analytics.

  • Special audit module with related reporting and analytics. 

  • Priority support and online help. 

Get meaningful insights into your business information on the go

Performance Management can be a long and tedious process if done manually. With automation, you can streamline documentation with consistency, get automated reports within a few seconds, be able to generate and download various dashboards at a click of a button and have all this information stored in a central location, accessible anywhere at any time.

Say goodbye to manual reporting and hello to automation

At Vision Activ we understand how valuable your time is. Monthly reporting can be tedious, which is why we've made it easy for you. The Vision Activ performance management system can easily export your dashboards and reports instantly, saving you time and money.


Seamless integration between organisational & employee performance management processes

Our electronic performance management system is an innovative cloud-based solution that supports an organisations performance planning, accountability management, reporting and monitoring governance and evaluation processes.

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Virtual Consultants are ready to help you set up your Organisation customized with your own terminologies.

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Create a culture of accountability within your Organisation.

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Progress Reporting

Improve the efficiency of progress reporting and have real-time reporting and monitoring information at your fingertips.

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It provides a sound platform to build a high-performance culture.

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