What can Vision Activ eCOMMS do for you?

Save Money

Reduce the cost of your

carbon footprint by running

in the cloud

save time

Save time from attending unnecessary meetings

by being informed

improve morale

The lack of communication

ranks amongst the Top 3 problems

that contributes to low morale

Get meaningful insights into your

business information on the go

VISION ACTIV Ecomms – improving Performance Management and Community awareness through enhanced communication using technology as its enabler.

The lack of timeous and effective communication is seen as one of the biggest challeneges for all organsiations.


Whether its updateing your stakeholders or service providers, whether it’s an employee or department intervention or even keeping the community or audience informed, there always seem to be communication breakdowns.


The Vision Activ eComm sytem is a new communication tool which is designed for any type of organisation.

Features of the eCOMM System: 

1.    Enables timeous communication of information.
2.    Advanced scheduling capability.
3.    Ease of Access Coverage.
4.    Enables Breaking News Notifications.
5.    Targeted Internal & External News feeds.
6.    Simplicity of uploading of information.
7.    Capability of all media types-images, videos, attachments         and links.

Benefits of the eCOMM System:

1.    Creates transparency for the organisation.
2.    Improves employee morale. 
3.    Creates a culture of accountability.
4.    Improves the team dynamics.
5.    Avoids silo behaviors within the organisation.
6.    Stops the grapevine conversations.
7.    Creates a positive work environment.


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