Vision Activ

Partner Programme

An opportunity to reach new heights ethically, professionally and financially.

What is a Channel Partner Programme?

The Current covid-19 Crisis has forced us to PAUSE and to REFLECT.

At the moment we are experiencing a wave of Fear and Uncertainty which is resulting in creating a “gloom and doom” horizon about the future economic landscape. At both an Individual and Institutional Level we need to acknowledge that we are not going to return to the environment that we left prior to the Covid-19 Crisis.

Against this Vision Activ is introducing an Economic Transformation Programme. The programme is about enabling ordinary South African's and Professional Services Companies with an opportunity to participate in entrepreneurial opportunities to enhance financial incomes inflows to mitigate the risks and challenges presented by the current crisis through becoming Channel Partners for Vision Activ. 

What are the benefits of being a Channel Partner?

Provides for Organisations to diversify and expand their value proposition to include the Vision Activ suite of solutions.

Creates an enabling environment to cross-sell Partner Products and to penetrate new industries and sectors.

Performance Management represents a Legislative the requirement to enable a Clean Audit in the Public Sector which provides for expansion of your current client base.

​Partnerships provide for an improved sustainable income stream and cash flow.

Affords exposure to innovative management practices and tools.

What are the expectations of a channel partner?

Identify Potential Clients for Vision Activ Products.

Hold Initial Discussions with Potential Clients and provide Clients with Collaterals.

Arrange for Vision Activ to do Presentations.

Vision Activ implements Contract.

Vision Activ effects Payments to Channel Partner.

What support will Vision Activ provide to Channel Partners?

Provide Product Awareness Training.

Offer Marketing Collateral and Pricing Guidelines.

Support Partners with face to face Presentations with potential Clients.

Guide Partners with marketing strategies for various sectors.