Performance Management Context

Within the Performance Management Landscape, the common challenges and problems as experienced by organisations are best described using the metaphor of an iceberg. Organisations commonly experience, amongst other challenges and problems, Poor Results, Low Morale, Low Productivity and a Lack of Accountability and Governance.

ice berg

These challenges are generally caused by Poor Planning & Reporting, the Lack of Tools, Leadership Challenges, Culture Issues, the Lack of Skills and Poor Stakeholder Management.

Underpinning the cause of these symptoms is the culture prevalent in the organisation’s mental models and mindsets that people hold which ultimately impact on accountability and productivity.

Organisational interventions to address these problems are traditionally made at the symptom level, which does not necessarily create long-term resolutions of these challenges. In addition, these issues are often addressed on an ad-hoc basis based on the greatest pain being experienced at a particular point in time.

Against this background, we have developed our performance ecosystem which provides an integrated and holistic solution to address the above-mentioned challenges.

Our performance ecosystem has been customised for the Corporate, Municipal, Provincial & Educational sectors to achieve the following benefits:

  1. Dashboard monitoring allows for effective Performance Management.
  2. Integrates Organisational Performance with Individual Performance.
  3. Enables cascading of Goals & Objectives through Results Based Planning.
  4. Improves governance around delivery.
  5. Enables online evidence for all Performance Information.
  6. Employees become more Accountable through Results Based Leadership Programmes.
  7. Boosts Employee Morale through Communication Campaigns & Team Building sessions.
  8. Transparent Performance Appraisal process.
  9. Help enhance employee competencies through person development plans.
  10. Provides Employees with Skills to hold performance conversations through role plays.
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